Last updated: Jan 1, 2017

Research Overview

My current research focuses on undergraduate visualization education and includes work on the VisMap system to support visual exploration and analysis of visualization selection and construction. In past research, I primarily focused on issues of human-computer interaction (HCI). Most of my past research is an examination of various facets of multiple-monitor interaction, with a recurring theme that "standard" interaction methods and sequences may not be appropriate in that environment. I also have been interested in the usability of password systems and the discovery or creation more memorable password schemes. I maintain a strong interest in HCI, information visualization, and computing sciences education.

Attention Elon Students

I am always interested in involving students in my research and in advising students with creative ideas for their own research. I have several projects that I would like to undertake with the help of students. Please contact me to explore research ideas.

List of Research Work

Below is a comprehensive list of conference papers, posters, and other documents that have been printed in public forums.

Can't find a full text version?

If you cannot find a full-text version of any of my works on this site or in an online repository, please contact me. I will be happy to provide a full-text copy for you to read.

Peer-reviewed Journal Papers

D. R. Hutchings and S. Spurlock. A classroom evaluation of a novel software tool to support introductory data science and visualization. The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges, Volume 32, No. 2 (December 2016), 135-141.

G. M. Poor, L. M. Leventhal, J. Barnes, D. R. Hutchings, P. Albee, and L. Campbell. No user left behind: Including accessibility in student projects and the impact on CS students’ attitudes. Transactions on Computer Education, ACM Press, Volume 12, No. 2, Article 5 (April 2012), 22 pages.

L. R. Heinrichs, D. Hutchings, M. Kleckner, and M. Squire. Charting a New Curriculum for a Data-Driven World. Issues in Information Systems, IACIS Press, Volume XII, No. 2 (2011), 256-263.

Peer-reviewed Conference Papers

D. R. Hutchings and M. Squire. VisMap: Exploratory Visualization Support for Introductory Data Science and Visualization. Proc. SIGCSE 2016, ACM Press, 163-168.

D. R. Hutchings and D. S. Williams. Efficiency and Device Versatility of Graphical and Textual Passwords (awarded Best Conference Paper; author's version available). Proc. AMCIS 2013 (online proceedings).

D. R. Hutchings. An Investigation of Fitts' Law in a Multiple-Display Environment. Proc. CHI 2012, ACM Press, 3181-3184.

D. R. Hutchings. Easing Text-based Mobile Device User Authentication Mechanisms. Proc. SAM 2011 (Int'l Conf. on Security and Management), CSREA Press, 143-149.

K. Vogt, L. Bradel, C. Andrews, C. North, A. Endert, and D. Hutchings. Co-located Collaborative Sensemaking on a Large High-Resolution Display with Multiple Input Devices (author's version). Proc. INTERACT 2011 - 13th IFIP TC 13 Int'l. Conf. on Human-Computer Interaction (Part II), Springer-Verlag, 589-604.

J. Citty and D. R. Hutchings. Design & Evaluation of an Image-based Authentication System for Small Touch-screens. Proc. SAM 2010 (Int'l Conf. on Security and Management), CSREA Press, 116-122. (see the TAPI paper in the Technical Reports for an early version of this work).

D. R. Hutchings and J. Stasko. Controlling Information Display in Larger Pixel Spaces: A Study of Window Snipping by Multiple-monitor Users. Proc. ACMSE 2010 (ACM Southeast Conference), ACM Press, Article 73, 6 pages.

G. M. Poor, L. M. Leventhal, J. Barnes and D. R. Hutchings. Accessibility: Understanding Attitudes of CS Students. Proc. ACM Assets 2009, ACM Press, 219-220 (this paper was presented as a poster at the conference).

S. Komanduri and D. R. Hutchings. Order and Entropy in Picture Passwords (author's version). Proc. Graphics Interface 2008, Canadian Human-Computer Communications Society, 115-122.

D. R. Hutchings and J. Stasko. Quantifying the Performance Effect of Window Snipping in Multiple-monitor Environments (author's version). Proc. INTERACT 2007 - 11th IFIP TC 13 Int'l Conf. on Human-Computer Interaction (Part II), Springer-Verlag, 461-474.

D. R. Hutchings and J. Stasko. Consistency, Multiple Monitors, and Multiple Windows. Proc. CHI 2007, ACM Press, 211-214.

D. R. Hutchings and J. Stasko. mudibo: Multiple Dialog Boxes for Multiple Monitors. CHI 2005 Extended Abstracts, ACM Press, 1471-1474.

D. R. Hutchings and J. Stasko. Revisiting Display Space Management: Understanding Current Practice to Inform Next-generation Design (author's version). Proc. Graphics Interface 2004, Canadian Human-Computer Communications Society, 127-134.

D. R. Hutchings, G. Smith, B. Meyers, M. Czerwinski, and G. Robertson. Display Space Usage and Window Management Operation Comparisons between Single Monitor and Multiple Monitor Users. Proc. Advanced Visual Interfaces 2004, ACM Press, 32-39.

D. R. Hutchings and J. Stasko. Shrinking Window Operations for Expanding Display Space. Proc. Advanced Visual Interfaces 2004, ACM Press, 350-353.

G. Robertson, E. Horvitz, M. Czerwinski, P. Baudisch, D. Hutchings, B. Meyers, D. Robbins, and G. Smith. Scalable Fabric: Flexible Task Management. Proc. Advanced Visual Interfaces 2004, ACM Press, 85-89.

D. R. Hutchings and J. Stasko. QuickSpace: New Operations for the Desktop Metaphor. CHI 2002 Extended Abstracts, ACM Press, 802-803.

Workshop Organization and Facilitation

D. R. Hutchings, J. Stasko, and M. Czerwinski. Workshop on Distributed Display Environments (official description). Held at CHI 2005.

R. José, G. Kortuem, S. Izadi, B. Bailey, and D. Hutchings. Pervasive Display Infrastructures, Interfaces and Applications. Held at Pervasive Computing 2006.

Doctoral Symposium Participation

D. R. Hutchings. M5: Making Multiple Monitors More Manageable. Presented at UIST 2005.


J. Gilkey and D. R. Hutchings. Designing Interactions for Multiple-Monitor Environments. Presented at GI 2008.

D. R. Hutchings, M. Czerwinski, D. Robbins, G. Robertson, G. Smith, and B. Meyers. TaskZones: A Task Manager for Multiple-Monitor Systems (poster format or paper format). Presented at UIST 2005.

Workshop Participation

H. R. Lipford and D. R. Hutchings. Teaching Usability, Security, and Usable Security in Computing Curricula. The 1st Software And Usable Security Aligned for Good Engineering (SAUSAGE) Workshop, hosted by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), Gaithersburg, MD, April 5-6, 2011.

D. R. Hutchings, M. Czerwinski, B. Meyers, and J. Stasko. Exploring the Use and Affordances of Multiple Display Environments. Workshop on Ubiquitous Display Environments at UbiComp 2004.


G. G. Robertson, D. R. Hutchings, B. R. Meyers, and G. R. Smith. USPTO Patent #8,225,224: Computer Desktop Use via Scaling of Displayed Objects with Shifts to the Periphery Filed May 21, 2004; accepted July 17, 2012. (see the Scalable Farbic links in the Papers section for an overview of this invention).

M. P. Czerwinski, D. R. Hutchings II, D. C. Robbins, G. G. Robertson, B. R. Meyers, and G. R. Smith. USPTO Patent #7,624,354: Efficient Workspace Management Using Content Groups. Filed April 29, 2005; accepted November 29, 2009 (see the TaskZones links in the Posters section for an overview of this invention).

Trade Press

D. R. Hutchings, J. Stasko, and M. Czerwinski. Distributed Display Environments. interactions, vol. 12, num. 6, 2005, pp. 50-53, ACM Press.

Technical Reports

J. Citty and D. R. Hutchings. TAPI: Touch-screen Authentication using Partitioned Images. Elon University Technical Report 2010-1, March 2010.

D. R. Hutchings and J. Stasko. An Interview-based Study of Display Space Management. GVU Technical Report GIT-GVU-03-17, May 2003.

D. R. Hutchings and J. Stasko. New Operations for Display Space Management and Window Management. GVU Technical Report GIT-GVU-02-18, August 2002.


D. R. Hutchings. Making Multiple Monitors More Manageable. Doctoral Dissertation. Georgia Institute of Technology, June 2006.

Thesis Advised

S. Komanduri. Improving Password Usability with Visual Techniques. Master's Thesis. Bowling Green State University, December 2007.