Dr. Rissa M. Trachman, RPA

Elon University

About Dr. Trachman

Dr. Rissa Trachman is Professor of Anthropology at Elon University, Elon, North Carolina. She specializes in Maya archaeology and has been conducting archaeology field work in Belize since 1997. She has been co-organizing field schools in Belize with the University of Texas since 2001, and began leading a field school through Elon in summer 2009.

Rissa began investigating households in the periphery of Dos Hombres in Belize in 1997. She is currently conducting field research within the civic-ceremonial center of Dos Hombres while continuing her interests in households. Trachman is asking questions about the everyday life of the inhabitants of Dos Hombres, specifically those daily activities related to the political, ritual, economic, and social aspects of the city. She is also keenly concerned with ancient market-based economic activity within the site, as well as that between Dos Hombres and other sites in northwestern Belize. Her research interests also include topics such as household archaeology, ancient identity construction, lithic technology, archaeometry, socioeconomic organization, gender and archaeology, ancient childhood, and water management.


Elon President's Report including Dr. Trachman's Work


2019 Excavation at Dos Hombres, Structure A-7


Dr. Trachman conducting field work in 2001

2010 Canal Excavation

2010 Canal Excavation