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Dave Gammon's NatureSounds

On another website I have archived over 7hrs of audio data (879 mp3 audio files) recorded over a 10-year period from 200 species (17 bird orders, 6 mammalian orders, 1 amphibian order, and 3 insect orders) in eight states (AR, CO, NC, NY, TX, VT, WA, WY), one Canadian province (BC) and also Panama. On this website you can search by common name, by taxonomic family, and by location. (FYI, the house wren call recorded on 14 May 2002 is actually a least flycatcher. Thanks, Lisa Hardy, for the correction.) It is unlikely that I will be able to update this website with my new recordings anytime soon, but I continue to sample sounds from most of the species in and around Elon, NC. Contact me directly if you want audio recordings of a specific species. You might also check out the excellent Stokes audio field guides for Eastern and Western birds.

I have also produced two CDs:
  1. NatureSounds of Panama (2002) (download playlist: zip file with 88 mp3 files and track titles)
  2. NatureSounds of Galaxy Hill, Vermont (2005) (download playlist: zip file with 54 mp3 files and track titles)
If you are interested in obtaining a copy of either of these CDs, please contact me by email

Powerpoint links for Bio 499: Learn the sounds; Quiz yourself on the sounds