Our Research Team

What are we all about?

The Elon Astrophysics (ASYELN) team meets on a weekly basis to discuss the progress on our individual projects, receive feedback from others, and outline the next steps that need to be taken. All ASYLYN students are working on distinct projects in a broad category of astrophysics. This allows each student to have a unique project of their own, while still receiving constructive analysis from other students that are familiar with the topic. Elon students can start working on a project as early as their first year of classes. Our students are involved in the entire scientific process, which involves project development, data collection, data analysis, presenting results, and publishing in top-tier, peer reviewed journals.

Scientific research allows students to develop skills useful for advanced study or entering the job market. In team ASYLYN, these skills include python programming, command line navigation, high performance computing, SQL queries, image processing, and much more. Our network of collaborators enables students to interact with professional astronomers as peers. The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) and our involvement with The RESOLVE Survey provides a wealth of data for students to dig into reducing, interpreting, and modeling. Many of our students supplement their research projects by pursuing either an astronomy major or an astrophysics major that gives them a solid foundation in the basics of the discipline.

Our researchers take advantage of the numerous opportunties that Elon University provides to conduct and present research. The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) enables students undertake a detailed project for 8 weeks of paid work that culminates in a poster presentation. Every year, Elon also dedicates an entire on campus to the Summer Undergraduate Research Forum (SURF) and provides substantial support for students to attend the National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR). Additionally, the Undergraduate Research Program supplies financial assistance for travel to larger disciplinary conferencers such as the annual American Astronomical Society Meeting.

Current Members

Past Members

  • Connor Simpson - Data Management Specialist at Premier Inc.
  • Sam Jenkins - Senior Data Analyst, iGaming Operations at DraftKings Inc.
  • Christopher Greene - Doctoral candidate at University of Cinncinati
  • Helen Meskhidze - PhD candidate at UC Irvine
  • Ben Kaiser - PhD candidate at University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
  • Maria Temming - Technology writer at Science News (M.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Emily Need - Software Engineer at Front (M.S. Clemson University)


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