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Kirsten Doehler
Associate Professor of Statistics
Mathematics and Statistics Department
Elon University
Email: kdoehler@elon.edu
Office: Global Commons 210
Phone: (336) 278-6473

   General Information
I received my Ph.D. in Statistics from the Department of Statistics at North Carolina State University in 2006 under the direction of Dr. Marie Davidian, the 2013 President of the American Statistical Association.   I received my B.A. degree in Mathematics and Education from the State University of New York College at Geneseo in 2000.   For the last 25 years I have been a competitive runner or recreational jogger.

Curriculum Vitae (.pdf)
Dominican Republic GBL 2980 course photos:
January, 2017
January, 2018
January, 2019
January, 2020
January, 2022

   Research Interests
My research interests include survival analysis, statistics education, diversity/equity/inclusion, and statistical consulting.

Here is an R Shiny App generated by my research student, Christian Wagner. The App shows scatterplots of statistics related to educational funding in NC counties. The first several variables are percentages. Old and new tax rates are from 2016 and 2017, respectively.

Click here to see R code to generate SemiNonParametric survival function estimates from use of an exponential base function. The code also compares SNP estimatation to nonparametric Kaplan-Meier estimation and graphs both types of functions. The resulting graph is shown here.

   Statistical Thoughts
Statistics is not a discipline like physics, chemistry or biology where we study a subject to solve problems in the same subject. We study statistics with the main aim of solving problems in other disciplines. (C. R. Rao)

In a world in which the price of calculation continues to decrease rapidly, but the price of theorem proving continues to hold steady or increase, elementary economics indicates that we ought to spend a larger and larger fraction of our time on calculation. (J. Tukey)