Forestry Step Test

General Instructions for the Forestry step test

Required items

  • Benchs of 40 cm (men) and 33 cm (women)
  • Stopwatch
  • Metronome
Step Height  


40 cm (15.75 in.)


33 cm (13 in.)
Step Rate 22.5 steps per min; (metronome = 90 beats/min)
Stepping Duration 5 min
Pulse Count Time Period 15 s (5:15 - 5:30)
Test administration
  • Performer stands facing 40-cm (men) or 33-cm (women) step bench
  • Technician starts metronome, which is set for 90 beats per minute
  • Technician requests performer to start stepping at any metronome beat
  • Technician starts timer as soon as performer makes first movement
  • Technician helps with cadence at beginning by counting aloud: "up-one, up-two, down-one, down-two"
  • Technician encourages the performer to straighten the back and the legs at top of step
  • Technician encourages completion of the test while keeping aware of stop-test indicators
  • Technician stops test and metronome at 5th minute
  • Performer sits down immediately upon completion of the test
  • Technician and/or performer immediately palpate pulse and count silently for 15s, starting the count at 5:15 (15 s after the test) and stopping at 5:30
  • The technician records the 15-s pulse count
  • Performer cools down by walking and statically stretching the gastrocnemius and quads for the next 5 - 8 min
  • Technician thanks the performer for such effort and cooperation