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Podcast of Stern Defending Pluto
Two years after the vote in Prague, Neil deGrasse Tyson debated Mark Sykes. This debate coincided with the release of Tyson's new book, "The Pluto Files."
"The Pluto Files" NOVA Episode
This NOVA episode, starring Neil deGrasse Tyson and based on his book of the same name, is a 50-minute introduction to Pluto's discovery, physical characteristics, and the debate that eventually led to its demotion. Alan Stern appears in this video.
Wikipedia Entry for Alan Stern
This Wikipedia entry provides a short biography of your character. While it doesn't necessarily provide specific information that you will need for playing the game, it does give you some background information on this person.
Planet Data Plotter
You will need to make at least two plots using the Planet Data Plotter: one that suggests Pluto is a planet and one that suggest is it just another TNO. These plots should be included in a one-page paper that you distribute to others between the 1999 debate ant the 2006 vote. Try changing the variables on the x-axis and the y-axis. You might also try switching from linear scale (Lin) to logarithmic scale (Log) to make it easier to make your point.