Elon University

Department of Biology


Assistant Professor, Elon University (August 2009-present)

             Courses Taught

BIO103  Reinventing Life (Biology lecture/lab for non-science majors)

BIO111  Introductory Cellular Biology

BIO113  Introductory Cellular Biology Laborator

BIO245  Principles of Genetics (incorporated team-based learning and case study approaches)

BIO246  Genetics Laboratory

BIO261  Introductory Seminar (introduction to scientific literature and science presentation skills)

BIO328  Biochemical Basis of Disease (self-created course that utilizes case studies and team-based activities)

BIO462  Biology Senior Seminar (capstone course for Biology majors)

CHM495 Senior Seminar in Biochemistry (capstone course for Biochemistry majors)

SCI121 Science Without Borders (interdisciplinary science course for non-science majors)


Visiting Lecturer, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Summer 2009-present)

             Courses Taught

BIOL101 Introductory Biology

BIOL202 Molecular Biology and Genetics