Terry M. Tomasek, Ph.D.
Elon University

Service to the Community

The Elon teacher-scholar dedicates her talents, experiences, and leadership skills to activities that sustain, develop, and improve the entire institution.  My contributions to the university community reflect a commitment to the university and its mission as well as a willingness to be responsible for the life of the university.  I have served on a number of departmental committees and assumed leadership roles in several instances.  I have also served on a variety of university-wide committees, advisory groups, council, and task force.  I have participated in numerous formal university events as well as community relations, admission and alumni events.   In addition, I provided service to local public schools, informal learning experiences, and the Elon Academy.  A more detailed description of this service can be found on my promotion and tenure service to the community summary.

 Departmental Contributions

 University Wide Contributions