Terry M. Tomasek, Ph.D.
Elon University

Undergraduate Research Student, Kirby Sypek and Dr. Tomasek


The purpose of this website is to highlight aspects of my professional life.  I am always open to discuss the nature of teaching and learning (both in the K-12 setting as well as the collegiate setting) and hope that you will find areas in which we share a common interest.  My recent promotion and tenure application letter provides an overview of my teaching, scholarship and service activities between 2006 and 2011. 


I am an Assistant Professor in the Teacher Education Department at Elon University.  I currently have entered into my sixth academic year teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses.  I previously taught in a similar program at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  My K-12 experience includes teaching 7th grade science at John R. Kernodle Middle School in Greensboro, North Carolina and various high school science courses in West Palm Beach, Florida.  For more information about my professional experiences, view my current vitae.

Professional Service

The Elon teacher-scholar dedicates her talents, experiences, and leadership skills to activities that sustain, develop, and improve the entire institution.  My contributions to the university community reflect a commitment to the university and its mission as well as a willingness to be responsible for the life of the university.  I have served on a number of departmental committees and assumed leadership roles in several instances.  I have also served on a variety of university-wide committees, advisory groups, council, and task force.  Over the past five years, I have participated in numerous formal university events as well as community relations, admission and alumni events.   In addition, I provided service to local public schools, informal learning experiences, and the Elon Academy.  As a teacher educator, I have developed partnerships with the faculty and staff at Gibsonville Elementary School in Gibsonville, North Carolina and Sedalia Elementary School in Sedalia, North Carolina.  These partnerships contribute tremendously to the professional growth of my students and have enriched my own development as an effective teacher educator. 

My scientific interests are grounded in the environmental sciences.  I am particularly interested in herpetology and aquatic ecology.  I am an active member of NCPARC, North Carolina Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation.  I am also heavily involved in a National Science Foundation funded project, Herpetology Education in Rural Places and Spaces that is a scaled up project from previous work on a Burroughs Welcome project called Slip Slid'n Away


My scholarship has focused on two different areas: (1) K-12 science teaching and learning and (2) pre-service teacher development.

Outside Elon

Tomasek familyI enjoy spending time with my husband, Dave, and am actively involved in my church, Cornerstone Baptist Church.  I teach Sunday School to senior adult women, teach children discipleship classes (grades K-5), sing in the adult choir, and direct various age-leveled handbell choirs.  I enjoy cooking, sewing, fishing and gardening in my free time.  Our son, Joshua, has moved to Birmingham Alabama and is working at Mountain High Outdoors and Christ City Church.