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Edge of a Human Protein and Molton Earth Rock

Cell Membrane and Surface of Mars

Capillary Network in Human Lung and Tree Branches

Kidney Epithelial Cell and Spiral Galaxy

Electron Cloud and Star Cluster

Installation View

From the series 'The Unity of Things.'

In The Unity of Things I assembled photographs from scientific texts, many of which possess an uncanny resemblance to each other. In handmade books I juxtapose such images as a neuron and a lightning bolt, a cross section of bone and a cypress, lung tissue and tree branches, among others. In its clinical milieu, the work is akin to a specimen collection. The placement of these photographs in unadorned books and displayed in an ordered fashion mimics the vernacular of the archive. However, the diagrammic labels, meant to reveal information, signify nothing, except the act of labeling itself.

Inspired by theories in quantum mechanics, I fuse the languages of artistic, scientific, and spiritual inquiry to draw philosophical correlations between these disciplines of thought. Here, each distinction is undermined, as neither is a complete vision in itself. In The Unity of Things, these methodologies act in a way to compliment each other. The irrational and the rational, the real and the imagined, the objective and subjective, exist simultaneously.

Handmade books and inkjet prints, 9x12"

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