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Rebecca Todd Peters - Service

My service to the profession falls into the two main categories of professional organizations and ecumenical/denominational work.

Ecumenical/denominational work

My ecumenical work includes appointments to the Faith and Order Standing Commission of the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches in Christ General Assembly. I am also actively engaged in follow-up work on the globalization projects of the World Council of Churches and the World Alliance of Reformed Churches.

National Council of Churches

I am currently serving as a delegate from the PCUSA to the NCCC General Assembly. For more information on the work of the NCCC see the following link:



Sunset Over Lake AnnecySunset over Lake Annecy
Rebecca Todd Peters


Faith and Order

I am currently serving a seven-year term on the Faith and Order Commission and am co-moderating a new study on “Moral Discernment in the Churches”. In the beginning stages of development, this study is intended to identify and explore commonalities and divergences among Christian churches in our processes of moral discernment. The hope is that we may discover why there are divergences and be able to ask if there are ways to overcome potentially church dividing differences. For more information on Faith and Order see the following link:


Rebecca Todd Peters


Ecumenical work on Globalization

The World Council of Churches has addressed the complex problems of globalization in their AGAPE (Alternative Globalization Addressing People and the Earth) and are following up that work with a program called Poverty, Wealth, and Ecology. The World Alliance of Reformed Churches issued a statement known as the “Accra Confession” at their recent Assembly. This work is being followed up with the Covenanting for Justice initiative. I have included links to this work below:

Professional organizations

I am currently serving as the President of the American Academy of Religion/Southeast Region. http://www.secsor.appstate.edu/ 


Opening Plenary

Opening Plenary


Rebecca Todd Peters
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