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Rebecca Todd Peters - Mentoring

Four Elon students present papers at the 2005 SECSOR meeting:
Anne Marie Leonard, Emily Shore, John Penniman, Erin Keys

Mentoring students is an essential task of higher education that offers the unique opportunity for faculty to develop deeper relationships with individual students. My own academic and professional mentors have contributed deeply to my moral, spiritual, and intellectual development in ways that continue to shape my identity, my scholarship, and my work in the world.

As any of my students will tell you, I am a rigorous and exacting mentor who expects much out of my students. At the same time, I delight in developing relationships with students and helping them to discover the joys of research, scholarship, and their own developing intellectual capacity. My goal in mentoring students is to help them develop critical research and thinking skills that will prepare them for a continued life of the mind, whether they pursue that in a career or in graduate school.

Research topics: I am happy to work with students interested in any of my areas of research or expertise, these include: globalization, economic ethics, environmental ethics, poverty, inequality, feminist theology and ethics, liberation theology, two-thirds (third) world theology; sexuality; and reproductive ethics.

Rebecca Todd Peters

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Emily Shore | Erin Keys | Ann Marie Leonard

Rebecca Todd Peters
Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Elon University | 2340 Campus Box | 100 Campus Drive | Elon, NC 27244
rpeters@elon.edu | (336) 278-5247

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