In-Class Schedule

Monday May 10 - Class 12

  • As you arrive in class:
  • Reflection on course & cyberculture as a concept
    • Differences b/w what you thought cyberculture was the first day of class and last day of class?
    • Add to or alter your Cyberculture Statement?
  • In groups, fill out chart I emailed to you
  • Discuss Postman's article
  • Reminders & Introduction to Peer-Response
    • Remind about Final Exam period, Monday 17th 6:30-9:30 pm
    • What will we present for Web Project (& Research Project, too, since they are related?) Most interesting thing you learned? One issue you have changed your mind about? One issue you are unsure about? The one issue you are most curious about in the future, etc.?
  • Thesis statements (handout)
  • Works Cited (don't need Bibliography)
  • Work on Web Projects

Monday May 3 - Class 11

  • Read "Voyeur Web site JenniCam to go dark"
  • Check out AnaCam (note that you don't see anything risque even after you select to enter the site (some sexual language is used). You have to pay for images.
  • Look at class Annotated Resources for Unit 11 - find some live webcams
  • Discuss readings
  • Work on Projects
    • documentation
  • Mini-conferences with me about drafting
  • email me blogs and web project addresses!
  • Homework for next class

Monday April 26 - Class 10

Monday April 19 - Class 9

  • Two readings to discuss
  • Other multimedia sites to examine
    • Select one collection from either of these online museums (any collection - painting, sculpture, photographs, etc. to examine.)
    • How does the experience of viewing art online differ from viewing it in person? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • Comments about Research Projects & Annotated Bibs
    • use library databases for scholarly articles
    • might discover that you need to do additional research, and not rely entirely upon annotated bibs for paper
  • Time to work on Research Projects & Web Projects
    • before you leave class today - email me your homepage address & make sure your blog link is working
    • sign up for appointments with me this week if you haven't already done so
  • HW for next Monday
  • Return Essay Exam & Prospectus

Monday April 5 - Class 8

  • Essay Exams
    • underline or bracket off thesis / main argument
    • turn in
  • Project Proposals
    • peer-response
    • revise / add
    • turn in
  • Sign-Up for conference with Paula for 2 WEEKS FROM NOW (To discuss Research Paper - Come prepared with questions)
  • See Homework Schedule for next week (don't have class, but short reading, online discussion, should continue to work on Web Project and Research Paper)
  • Time to work on Web Projects

Monday March 29 - Class 7

Monday March 15 - Class 6

  • Describe & Share Annoated Resources
  • Exchange and read response forms of at least 2 other people
  • In groups, one person act as recorder, open up Word doc, write down names, and use plasma screen to record the following:
    • Discuss and determine main argument for reading
    • Points of similarity and difference b/w readings
    • After you've discussed each reading, brainstorm possible research questions that cut across several unit topics we’ve covered so far.
  • Work on Web Projects
  • Calendar of what you will work on and when? (Web Project & Research Paper)
  • HW for next class
  • Blog
  • Turn in HW

Monday March 8 - Class 5


  • Activity One
  • Browse through the below 2 political sites.
  • Questions to consider
    • Who is audience(s)?
    • What are the site’s goals?
    • What kinds of different information do the sites provide?
    • What are the different options for participating in political causes, such as talking on discussion boards, raising money, sending emails to political representatives, etc.?
    • Are these sites reliable, can you trust the information on them? Why or why not?
    • Other interesting/unusual elements on these sites?
  • Activity Two
  • Go to
    (total of 5 short paragraphs to read; then browse through 2 blogs out of the 5 described)

    o Read the short paragraph on this page about “The Best Politics Blogs”
    o Then click on the blue square that says “Click Here for the Best Politics Blogs”
    o A new window will pop up and will take you through the this author’s choice of the 5 best political blogs. A range of political views are represented here.

    o You can visit the blog by clicking on the rectangle above the blog’s description (which also gives the blog’s ranking)
    o Note that you can slow down how fast the pop up window scrolls through each blog description.

Monday March 1 - Class 4
Unit 4: Web Business & Technology in the Workplace

  • Volunteers to share their submitted annotated resources for Unit 4? (5:30-5:45)
  • Group Work (5:45-6:45)
    • Each group assigned a different reading or set of readings - sign up on board
    • One hour to develop something to present to class (take advantage of computer-classroom)
      • thesis and main points?
      • additional information or related issues you discover from brainstorming and additional research conducted in class
      • relevant web sources
      • possible avenues for future research?
      • questions for class, perhaps based on individual member's own questions on homework


      • each group member is responsible for participating in the presentation
      • create some visual for class (outline in Word, Powerpoint, simple webpage, etc.)
      • invite class to ask questions during and at the end of presentation


      • follow links in your reading
      • conduct additional online research, using search engines & online newspapers and magazines
      • after brainstorming ideas, assign each group member an area to research (For example, one person summarize thesis and main points; one person develop additional questions that could be studied; two people research additional up-to-date issues; two people follow and summarize links in reading; etc.).
      • consult with Paula
  • Groups share what they learned with class, ask class questions, answer class's questions (6:45-7:30)
  • Blog: brainstorm some possible research topics based on today's readings and discussions
  • Review Web Research Project
  • Dreamweaver (7:30-8:30)
    • WS-FTP
    • U Drive (different from web space)
    • How to work on web project
      • could do research and keep track in Word doc, then cut and paste into Dreamweaver
      • could build working website template to keep track of research. Note however that this approach might require you to edit your templates as you get further into your research
  • Homework - comment on grades, return, homework for next Monday

Mon. Feb. 23 - Class 3
Unit 3: Virtual Communities

  • Annotated resources for Unit 3 & Mini-Activity
    • Go to . Find a topic/ring that interests you, and browse through some of the websites in that ring. What kind of community is created? Who participates (demographics)? Who is excluded? What values and beliefs do the participants hold?
  • Readings
    • Discussion Board posts on Ch 5: " Creating Online Fan Communities"
    • In groups, make a table with 5 columns and 7 rows. Label the columns "Article title," "Type of virtual community," "Benefits," "Downsides," and "What this virtual community can teach us about traditional communities." As a group discuss the articles and fill in the cells, with one person recording the group's ideas. The list should include evidence from all of our readings for today. Make sure to put everyone's name on this and print up at the end of class. Be prepared to discuss with the class.
      • ""
      • “Accessing Religion Online”
      • “Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace”
      • Ch. 19 “Community Development in the Cybersociety of the future” (web.studies)
      • “Community/alienation” (White Noise: An A-Z of the Contradictions in Cyberculture)
      • “Part 2: The Internet, Communities, and the Virtual ‘Third Place’”
  • Dreamweaver & Server Space
    • Research Web project
  • Homework
    • See Schedule
    • Discussion Board variation - assign one of 3 online articles
  • Blog Question for today: What are the different types of virtual communities? How are they different than f-2-f communities? What are some benefits of virtual communities? Downsides of virtual communities?

Mon. Feb. 16th - Class 2
Unit 2: Setting a context for the course. What are Web Studies? Why study the web? Who cares?

  • Names
  • Review course website again - updates
    • student created resources on Dreamweaver and Photoshop
    • blogs
    • student Annotated Resources
  • In groups at your tables, each person give brief overview of resource she submitted. Select one or two resources to share with entire class.
  • In groups, review Chapters 1-2 in web.studies
    • main argument & subpoints?
    • important terms & definitions?
    • questions?
  • Other reading
    • "The Average Internet User"
    • "Will the Internet Change Humanity?"
    • "The Big Picture"
  • Class discussion
  • Individual Online Research Resource
  • Dreamweaver & Elon Web Space (everyone should have an active account now)
  • Homework
  • Blog
    • Email me your Blog address if not already posted on class website

Mon. Feb. 9th - Class 1
Unit 1: Introductions

  • Introduction to the class
  • Class Roster/Attendance
  • Review course website & syllabus
  • Fill out student Information Forms
  • Comment about computers – laptops and wireless? Dreamweaver?
  • Student Introductions
  • Introduction to Dreamweaver and Elon Server Space
  • Begin Blogs – enter first entry and email me your address (some days you will be given a specific topic to write about)
    • Today’s topic - What comes to your mind when you hear the word “cyberculture”? How pervasive are computers/networking/digital cultures in your life?

Other Units will cover topics such as

  • Virtual Communities
  • Web Life, Arts and Culture
  • Web Business
  • Cybercrime, hacking, security
  • New Media, Hypertext, and Online Art
  • Online Gaming and Entertainment
  • Identity, Gender and Race Online
  • The Dark Side of the Internet
  • Politics, Protest, and Political Activism











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