Melanie Truitt

This is my family. Bob and I live in Burlington close to the Elon Campus where we both work. Bob is a Telecom Technician and I have just started to work part-time as a Database Assistant in Belk Library. I have two daughters. Kristin lives in Yonkers, New York, Jennifer lives in Lexington, NC with her two children Traven age 2 1/2 and Cianna age 1. Bob has two children. Rob lives in Raleigh and Carol lives in Portland, Oregon. Bob and I both play in the Elon University Alumni Marching Band and have since it's inception in 2002. We are also members of the Company Shops Concert Band.

Bob ready to play a Christmas gig. 2005

Bob, WA4A Amateur Radio

Jennifer and Traven - Christmas 2006 Jennifer and Cianna - Christmas 2006
Traven and Cianna - Christmas 2006
Traven and Cianna - Spring 2006
Kristin and fiance Chris
Kristin's new car


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