Mark Enfield

bridging the natural world
and learning to teach about the natural world

Teaching at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

This page focuses on undergraduate teacher preparation of elementary science teachers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I worked and taught in the School of Education from 2005-2008. General information about the course can be found at the the following page:

During my tenure at UNC-CH, I worked to integrate technology rich pedagogy for preservice teacher education students. I taught several sections of elementary science methods, using the many resources of the Carolina Center for Educational Excellence. This facility allowed the students and me to examine video cases of science teaching, activly use technology resources, record our work (using digital images & video recordings) and participate in an innovative teacher education project. All the resources for this course, including lesson plans, course documents, and records of classroom activity, were posted on a course Blackboard site. The innovative teacher education project, ViSTA, presents video cases of elementary science teaching and facilitates inquiry and examination of those cases.