Mark Enfield

bridging the natural world
and learning to teach about the natural world

Contribution to Developing Scientific Literacy

I began graduate studies to learn to how to enhance and improve experiences and opportunities for children and the general public to become scientifically literate. Since completing my studies, I have engaged in a number of projects that reflect different approaches I use to work toward this goal. The following list describes some of these different projects.

  1. A new project I have begun is a blog with pictures and short text. The blog attempts to stimulate curiosity and thinking about phenomena in everyday events that can be explained using scientific reasoning. The blog is called Science Everyday. Please check it out and make comments. Teachers, I would love to know if you use this blog in your classrooms. Send me an e-mail at: and tell me what you did ad how it went.


2010 National Science Teachers Association - Research Dissmenation Conference

Integrating science and literacy to read the scientific world

This session, occuring March 20 at the 2010 NSTA conference, will explore integrating science and literacy from three distinct perspectives. The session will begin with a review of research findings related to uses of varieties of text materials in science learning. Participants will participate in three mini-sessions that apply research findings to science teaching. These mini-sessions will explore research findings focused on: a) uses of narratives in science learning, b) thoughtfully adaptive teaching using integrated materials, and c) using books to support science learning. This will lead to considering implications for effective practices surrounding science/literacy integration.


Bibliography of Research - For this session, the presenters compiled a list of references related to reading and writing integrations in the science curriculum. This scholarship includes research articles, practitioner articles and books.

Bibliography of Texts - The presenters also shared a number of text sources. The lists of different genres of texts presented are:


During the session, two powerpoint sessions were shown. These were:

Handouts & Extras

The soda pop lesson plan using a 5E format was also presented.