Mark Enfield

bridging the natural world
and learning to teach about the natural world

National Service

As an academic, I feel that it is important that I am engaged locally, regionally, and nationally in efforts to support the continued development of scientific literacy. For specific details about the ways I am involved nationally, please see my vita. In general, there are a number of activities that I engage in to serve nationally toward this goal, including:

  • Membership, involvement, and service in professional organizations:
    • American Educational Research Association
    • National Science Teacher Association
    • National Association for Research on Science Teaching
    • Association for Science Teacher Educators
  • Reviewing journal articles for peer-reviewed journals
  • Contributing to academic discourse and scholarship through peer-reviewed journals.

Given that I am relatively early in my career, my hope is to develop this involvement in areas that are most interesting to me. These areas include:

  • science teaching and learning in early elementary school.
  • using science teaching and learning as a means to enact social justice.
  • supporting teachers engaged in dialogic inquiry and discussion with children in schools.
  • finding ways to make science relevant, meaningful, and connected to students' everyday experiences.