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Elementary Science Methods

I taught elementary science methods courses for several years at Michigan State University. During those years I developed practices and pedagogies for working with Preservice Elementary Teachers. I maintain this part o my experience on this website as my students and I developed a number of resources that are potentially useful to elementary science teachers. The following links open pages or links that included resources and information relevant to elementary science teaching.

Web links:

  • Women in Science
    This is an organized set of links I have compiled that highlight the contributions of women in science.
  • Science reform documents and planning resources
    This is a set of links I have compiled to current reform documents available on the internet for science education planning and teaching
  • Bibliography - STCSE
    This link connects to a bibliography of research on students' and teachers' conceptions of ideas in science.

Science Resources

  • Reviewed Articles and Resources
    This contains a set of articles and resources reviewed by former students. There are links to the articles when possible. If you use this information, please give the authors their deserved credit.

Lesson Plans

This contains a set of lesson plans written by former students. If you plan to use these lessons, please give the authors their deserved credit.

Science for Elementary Teachers

I also taught a science content course during one academic year at Michigan State University. This course, offered by the Michigan State University Division of Science and Mathematics Education, intended to prepare future elementary teachers with the subject matter knowledge needed to teach elementary science. The goal of this course was to promote confidence in and mastery of scientific concepts. This is done by teaching college science in such a way that it models the teaching of elementary science in terms of content, methods, and materials.