Mark Enfield

bridging the natural world
and learning to teach about the natural world


As a teacher educator, I use this professional site for multiple purposes. I use this site to describe my teaching at Elon University in the School of Education. I also use this site to communicate about my research on elementary science teaching and learning. Finally, it overviews and connects to other aspects of my academic life. The following is an overview of the main sections of this site.


I completed my Ph.D. in Curriculum, Teaching and Educational Policy at Michigan State University. I continued learning as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Center for Curriculum Materials in Science. More details can be found on my vita.


Currently, my primary teaching focuses on elementary mathematics and science methods. My research interests (described below) focus on elementary science learning. Understandings from this research lead my teaching to focus on: understanding students' thinking and reasoning, teaching that facilitates students' development of different literacies and discourses, and advocating for social justice through teaching.

I also teach general education courses, courses in the General Studies Program, and graduate courses all at Elon Univsersity.


My primary focus is on elementary science learning. My research agenda describes my interests and plans for future research. In brief, I am most interested in students' thinking and reasoning in collaborative contexts in elementary science classrooms. In addition, I am concerned about equity and access in science learning. Finally, my research also considers preparing future elementary teachers to become effective elementary science teachers.

Other pages in this section include a page describing current research projects and manuscripts that have been presented at peer-reviewed conferences. The page of manuscripts includes a bibliography of published and presented papers for download.


My service at the current point focuses on service to national education organizations. I have brief statements about contributions to Elon University under University Life. The page, Teachers & Public, is an attempt to support development of scientific literacy in schools and in the public.

The blog is not maintained on this site/server.

Please contact me with questions, comments, or to discuss issues raised in this site.