Dr. Matthew W. Clark


1993                 Ph.D. in Anatomy & Cell Biology-East Carolina University School of Medicine, Greenville, NC. Thesis:  “Prolaction Secretion in Response to Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone (TRH) and Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide (VIP) in Rat Anterior Pituitary Cell Cultures.  Dr. Max Poole, Advisor.

1986                 M.S. in Physiology and Biochemistry-North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC. Thesis: Hemorrhagic Shock Response in Japanese Quails exposed to microwave irradiation, Ethyl Methane Sulfonate, Paraquat and Phenylhydrazine. Dr. Richard Gildersleeve, Advisor

1980                Diploma in Surgical Technology, Pitt Community College, Greenville, NC.

1979                B.S. in General Science, Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte, NC.

Professional Experience

Current Academic Appointment

Associate Professor of Biology, Department of Biology, Elon University, Elon, NC        

(August 2000-present), Tenure Track

 Courses taught, *developed or #reorganized under my instructions.

Elon 101-Serves as a quality introductory course related to Elon University life for incoming freshman and new students.

Topics in General Biology (BIO101)-Explores basic concepts in biology with non-majors.

General Biology Laboratory (BIO102)-Activities completed in conjunction with concepts taught in BIO101.

Current Issues in Biology (BIO105)-Current biological and scientific topics were discussed, interpreted and evaluated with non-science majors.

#Human Anatomy (BIO161)-A historical, histological and macroscopic Cadaver Based Regional study with special emphasis placed on basic musculoskeletal and neuromuscular order.

#Human Anatomy Laboratory (BIO161L)- Cadaver Based Regional dissections and computer simulated modules taught in conjunction with BIO161 concepts.

*Clinical Human Anatomy (BIO343)-A macroscopic Cadaver Based Regional study with special emphasis placed on clinical correlations of neuromuscular order and control (normal and abnormal).

*Clinical Human Anatomy Laboratory (BIO343L)- Cadaver Based Regional dissections and computer simulated modules supported by basic clinical and therapeutic measures in conjunction with concepts taught in BIO343.

Biochemistry Laboratory II Laboratory (CHM354)-Investigated rates of enzyme-catalyzed reactions, the isolation/purification/analysis of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates; and some analytical techniques used in clinical chemistry laboratories.

*Forensic Studies (GST349)-Covered impacts of basic biology and chemistry applications in forensic studies.  Students learned forensic history, investigative methodology, techniques, and media reporting.  Students used knowledge gained to complete written reports related to Mock Investigative Projects. 

*Forensic Biology (BIO491)-Students completed semester projects related to biological applications in forensic studies.  Several projects were completed at forensic investigative laboratories.  Students used knowledge gained to complete a report related to a Mock Investigative Project.

*Global Health Disparities (GST376GC, GST491)-Studied, reported, and evaluated national and international health disparity issues (cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, developmental diseases, etc.) related to genetic engineering, insurance (Homo economicus), the drug market and community awareness.  Unique opportunity to experience the Global Village Setting through the Heifer International Program was provided.

New courses under construction:

*Forensic Biology and Laboratory-A comprehensive study of biochemical techniques used in forensic investigations.  Laboratories will be devoted to on hands applications of forensic biological and chemistry methodology.

*Comparative Vertebrate Neurobiology and Laboratory-Phylogeny of the vertebrate neuroanatomical systemic order and controls (specific emphasis on mammalian comparisons).

*Hormones and You (Honors and/or Winter Term)-Set to characterize the importance of hormone control and their response to internal and external stimuli.

Previous Positions

Health Sciences Instructor and Coordinator, Campus Coordinator for the North Carolina Transition Program in the Biomedical Sciences (NIH Grant),   Science Department, Roanoke-Chowan Community College, Union, NC                    (Fall 1998-Summer 2000)

Biochemistry Adjunct Instructor, Continuing Studies and Chemistry Department,  East Carolina University, Greenville, NC,       (Spring 1998-Summer 1998)

Outreach Specialist, Student Development, Pitt Community College, Greenville, NC, (Spring 1997-Summer 1998)

Committee Member, Weed and Seed Outreach and Rehabilitation Program, Greenville, NC, Summer 1998 to Summer 2001)

Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy Department, Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, Fl. (Fall 1994-Summer 1997)

Science Instructor, Science Department, Pitt Community College, Greenville, NC, (Summer 1992-Summer 1994)

Science and Computer Coordinator, Male Enrichment Program, Cornerstone, Free Will Baptist Church, Greenville, NC       (Summer’s 1991 and 1992)

Health Sciences Teaching Assistant, School of Allied Health and the Center for Student Opportunities, East Carolina University School of Medicine, Greenville, NC , (Summer 1990- Fall 1992)

Research Assistant, North Carolina State University and National Institute of Environmental Health Services, Raleigh-Research Triangle Parks, NC (Summer 1987-Spring 1989)

Service (University Committees and Organizations)

a.       Diverse Students Of Science (DSOS) organization

            -Advisor (Fall 2003-current)

b.   Faculty Volunteer Women’s Track Coach

            -Hurdlers and Field Events Coach (Fall 2002-Spring 2004)

c.       Elon University Gospel Choir

            -Advisor (Fall 2001-current)

d.      Elon 101

            -Student advisor and member (Fall 2001-current)

Professional Organizations and Committees

a.       American Association of Anatomists

b.      American Association of Colleges and Universities

c.       Association of Surgical Technology

d.      Tri-Beta Biological Society

e.       Elon Bible Institute and Training Schools

f.       Elon First Baptist Church Ministerial Alliance Team

g.      Evangelical Training Association

h.      Feeder Program Grant for Elon University students at North Carolina Central University-Biomedical/Biotechnology Research Institute

      -Campus Liaison

i.        Human Anatomy and Physiology Society

j.        Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated

k.      East Carolina University School of Medicine, Medical Alumni Association

l.        National Minority Health Organization

m. National Science Teachers Association (Pending)

n.      North Carolina Academy of Science (Pending)

            o.      Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Society

            p.   RHEMA Ministerial Association International

q.   Weed and Seed West Greenville Community Development Project

r.    Zion Independent Prophetic Ministries Association

Community Activities and Involvements

a.       American Association of College and University

b.      Annual North Carolina Minority Health Research Forum

c.       Elder, Zion Independent Prophetic Ministries, Greater Mount Zion Church

d.      Former Associate Pastor and Chair of Elders Board, Elon First Baptist Church

e.       Former Pastor of Erudition, Elon Bible Institute and Training Schools

f.       Member and Cell Group Leader, Mount Zion Baptist Church

g.      Member of Master Hendrix Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido Society

h.      Mentor for Lakeside Charter School at Elon Homes for Children

i.        National Minority Health Organization

j.        North Carolina Ministerial Alliance

k.      Weed and Seed West Greenville Community Development Project

l.        Guest Speaker, 2002 and 2003 Elon University Gospel Choir Spring Tour

Summary of Awards and Accomplishments

SGA Barbara H. Carlton Advisor of the Year, Elon University, Elon, NC, 2004-05

Faculty of the Year, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Elon University, Elon, NC, 2004-05

Technology Achievement, Academic Computing Services, Elon University, 2001, 2004

Who’s Who Among American Teachers, Elon University, Elon, NC, 2002-03, 2004-05

Distinguished Speaker and Community Service Recognition Certificate (Florida Spring Tour 2003 for Elon University Gospel Choir)

Innovation Baptist Church, Tallahassee, Florida, March, 2003

Pastoral Installation, Elon First Baptist Church, 2002

Certificate of Recognition, African American First Award, East Carolina University, 2002

Ministerial Certification of Ordination, Elon First Baptist Church, Elon NC, 2001

Outstanding Science Teachers, Roanoke Chowan Community College, Ahoskie, NC, 2000

Community Service Award, First Baptist Church, Union, NC, 1999

Leadership Award, Pitt County Leaders, Greenville, NC. 1994

Service Award, Stantonsburg Elementary School, Stantonsburg, NC, 1994

Service Award, Ayden-Grifton High School, Ayden, NC, 1994

Service Award, Student National Medical Association, East Carolina University, School of Medicine, Greenville, NC, 1992

Lecturer of the Year, Elected by occupational/physical therapy students and the Center for Student Opportunity, East Carolina University School of Medicine, Greenville, NC, 1992-93and 1993-94

Medical Foundation Fellowship, East Carolina University School of Medicine, Greenville, NC, 1990-92

Community Service Award, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Greenville, NC, 1987

Board of Governors Fellow, East Carolina University School of Medicine, Greenville, NC, 1986