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Journal Articles

China's Development Initiatives in Ghana, 1961-2011 (with Elon student co-author Anna McCracken), Winter 2012, Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa, 14 (8): 275-286.

Media Image and Social Integration of Togolese and Liberian Refugees in Ghana (with Elon student co-authors Kristine Silvestri and Amanda Brown) in Africa Media Review, Vol. 17, No. 2, 2009.

Development through Civic Service: the Peace Corps and National Service Programs in Ghana, (with Elon student co-author Lauren Taylor) in Progress in Development Studies, 2009, Vol. 9, Issue 2, pages 87-99.

Ideologies of Land and Place: Memories from Zimbabwe’s War of Liberation.2008, South African Geographical Journal (co-authored with Elon student Justine M. Davis), 90(1): 226-235.

Ideologies of Land and Place: Gikuyu and Settler Colonist Women in Kenya, Geographical Bulletin, May 2005, 47(1): 14-35. (Co-authored with Elon student R. Rebecca Hewitt)

New England Fisheries and Participatory Management: Rhetoric and Realities, Studies in New England Geography, Issue 20, July 2005, pp. 1-27. (Co-authored with New England fisherman Mark Simonitsch)

Knowledge, Power, and Society: Participatory Marine Management in East Africa and Eastern North America in Women in Natural Resources, Sept. 2004 (

How to Support and Expand Strong, Existing Study Abroad Programs, pages 77-79 in African Issues, Vol. XXVIII/1&2, 2000, African Studies Association.

Community-level Marine Resource Management and the Spirit Realm in Coastal Kenya, Women in Natural Resources (Special Issue: Fisheries & Aquatic Ecology) 2000. 21(4): 35-42.

State and Local Resistance to the Expansion of Two Environmentally Harmful Marine Fishing Techniques in Kenya, Society and Natural Resources 13: 321-338, Summer 2000.

They're not just 'Samaki': Towards an Understanding of Fisher Vocabulary on the Kenya Coast, Afrikanistische Arbeitspapiere vol. 51: 165-179 (Swahili Forum IV) Sept. 1997, University of Cologne, Germany

Traditional Fisheries Management, Its' Decay, and Effect on Fisheries Yields and the Coral Reef Ecosystems of Southern Kenya, Environmental Conservation, June 1997. vol. 24 (2): 105-120 with McClanahan, T.R., J. Rubens, and R. Kiambo.


Scholarly Magazine Articles

Marine Protected Area Management for Whom? Stakeholder Concerns and Resistance in the Florida Keys, USA and Mombasa, Kenya Focus on Geography, Spring 2006, Vol. 48(4) 17-24.

Experiential Learning: Bringing the Geography of Africa to Life, Teaching Geography (Oct. 2004, pp. 132-134).


Encyclopedia Entries and Contribution to Book Chapter’

Geography and the Study of Africa’ in Oxford Bibliographies Online: African Studies, Spear, Thomas (Editor), NY: Oxford University Press, October 2012,

‘Conservation and Wildlife’ in Oxford Bibliographies Online: African Studies, Spear, Thomas (Editor), NY: Oxford University Press, October 2012,

“Popular Culture” entry (with Elon student Kristine Silvestri), 2010, pages 245-247 in Volume II, The Oxford Encyclopedia of African Thought: Irele, F.A. and B. Jeyifo (Eds.). NY and Oxford: Oxford University Press

 “Afikpo” (people of SE Nigeria) entry, 2010, pages 20-23 in Volume I, The Oxford Encyclopedia of African Thought: Irele, F.A. and B. Jeyifo (Eds.). NY and Oxford: Oxford University Press

“Northwest Africa’s Environments” entry, pages 7-10 in the Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy: Macmillan Reference USA (October 2008)

"Coastal Resources, Africa" and "Conservation in Africa" entries in Kwame Anthony Appiah and Henry Lewis Gates, Jr. (Eds.) Africana: The New Encyclopedia Africana, 2nd Edition. Oxford University Press (March 2005) 

Fisher Folklore: A Basis for Flexible Marine Management Plans for the Future, pp. 43-46 in McClanahan, T.R., C.S. Sheppard and D.O. Obura (Eds.) 2000. Coral Reefs of the Indian Ocean: Their Ecology and Conservation.  NY: Oxford University Press.


Books on Tape

A Selection of English Texts for Reading Aloud and 300 Common English Sentences for Civil Servants (with Michael Frontani) edited by Zhang Ning. 2002 Suzhou University Press.



London Abroad, 2002 Project coordinator and contributing author for a CD-ROM with contributions by nearly two dozen Elon University faculty, staff, and students The CD was used for several years by faculty, staff, and students engaged in the London Abroad program.

"Understanding People and Places through Study Abroad" on Understanding the Global Experience CD, 2nd Edition, Tom Arcaro and Duane G. McClearn. Carpe Viam Press. This CD was used for the General Studies core curriculum at Elon University.

Elon College Study Abroad Program: Ghana 1999.  Project coordinator for this pilot project CD with audio, video, photographs and text contributions by six Elon faculty, staff, and students 



“Social Justice” (with James O. Brown) and “Fishing” entries, 2009, on the subscription-based web site: Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources (GREENr),, by Gale Publishing.

Contributor of fisheries related terms to Yale University’s Kamusi, Living Swahili Dictionary, an award winning web resource (

“Managing Coral Reef Fisheries” (with Alexander Hopkins), The Encyclopedia of Earth, 2009,


Research Reports

“NGOs, Disease Control, and Development: The Rockefeller Foundation and Wellcome Trust in Colonial Africa” Rockefeller Archive Center Research Reports Online. Edited by Erwin Levold for the Rockefeller Archive Center, Tarrytown, NY, May 2013. Available:

“The Discourse of Participatory Democracy in Marine Fisheries Management”, pp. 57-67, in Haggan, N., Brignall, C. and Wood, L. (Eds.) Putting Fishers’ Knowledge to Work, University of British Columbia Fisheries Centre Research Report, ISSN: 11989-6727. In: Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts and available on CD. 2003 with Mark Simonitsch.

The Diani-Kinondo Coral Reefs, Fisheries, and Traditional Management: 1996 report for Kenya Wildlife Service, with McClanahan, T.R., J. Rubens, and R. Kiambo



Review of Jane Carruthers 2001: Wildlife and Warfare: The Life of James Stevenson-Hamilton.  Pietermaritzburg: University of Natal Press and Thomas Ofcansky’s 2002. Paradise Lost: A History of Game Preservation in East Africa. Morgantown: West Virginia University Press. African Studies Review  45(3): 48-51.

Review of Mark David Spence's 1999: Dispossessing the Wilderness: Indian Removal and the Making of the National Parks. Oxford: Oxford University Press and Robert H. Keller and Michael F. Turek's 1998: American Indians and National Parks. Tucson: University of Arizona Press. American Indian Quarterly 25(2): 313-315

Review of Roderick P. Neumann’s 1998 Imposing Wilderness: Struggles Over Livelihood and Nature Preservation in Africa. Berkeley: University of California Press, and Terence Ranger’s 1999. Voices from the Rocks: Nature, Culture and History in the Matopos Hills of Zimbabwe.  Bloomington: University of Indiana Press. African Studies Review 42(2): 120-122.


Book Reviews

I have published more than 30 book reviews on Africa, resource management, parks, development, or fisheries in African Affairs, African Studies Quarterly, African Studies Review, Canadian Journal of African Studies, Geographical Review, H-Net, Journal of Modern African Studies, Millennium: Journal of International Studies, North Carolina Geographer, Professional Geographer, Society and Natural Resources,  and Southeastern Geographer.


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