Laboratory Photos

Adam Frank

(self portrait)

Yet  another brilliant idea out in the field?

Gennie Field Sampling

O.K…. I think this is going to be messy! Gennie why don’t you go in while we take photos!

Jessie Field Sampling

Got to love “Water-Willer.”

Brant Touchette Field Sampling

OK...Who gave me the leaky waders?

Brant Touchette Sampling Seagrasses in NC

Ahh...Where did everyone go? Guys… This is not funny….I’m serious where is everyone?

Field Studies

Brock and Chris

at Lake Tuckerton

Ahh...What’s that shark-fin like thingy behind you?

Chris Miller & Brock Strom

Field Sampling

Brock Strom

Deep in Water Willow

Chris is

Looking for his car keys

Brock is

Looking for Chris Miller!