Ren H. Bryan

2106 W. Front St.

Burlington, NC  27215

336-2270293 (home)

919-560-5685 (work)


North Carolina Teacher Academy Fellow for Instructional Technology                                             2000-present

Adjunct instructor of Instructional Technology at Elon College                                                         1996-present

Public school teacher                                                                                                                                   1973-2000

                Areas of Licensure:

National Board of Professional Teaching Standards certification in Early Adolescent Social Studies

Secondary Social Studies

Specific Learning Disabilities

Behavioral  and  Emotional Handicaps

Academically and Intellectually Gifted

Instructional Technology



                Salem College                                       Winston Salem, NC                                                        1969-1971

                North Carolina State University        Raleigh, NC           BA Sociology                                  1971-1973

                Elon University                                    Elon, NC                MEd Special Education                  1994-1996

                University of North Carolina              Chapel Hill, NC     EdD Curriculum and Instruction    ongoing


Curriculum Development

                Meeting the Needs of English Language Learners in the Regular Classroom

Integration of Technology into the Curriculum (North Carolina Teacher Academy)

                US Institute for Peace

                Aid for International Development


SAS InSchool


Staff Development and Training

                Assessing the Impact:  Evaluating Staff Development (JoEllen Killion)

                Data Analysis and School Portfolio Development (Victoria Bernhardt)

                Frameworks for Working with Children of Poverty (Ruby Payne)

                Motivating Students to Succeed (PEAK Learn, Spence Rogers)

                Meeting the needs of English Language Learners in the Regular Classroom (Kathleen Kenfield)

                COLT Online Course Development

                WebQuest Design and Development (Bernie Dodge)

Portfolio Assessment (print and electronic)

                Integrated Unit Development (Roger Taylor model)

                Learning Styles (Dunn and Dunn model)

                Cooperative Learning (Johnson and Johnson model)


Conference Presentations

                Lighting Up Young Faces:  Making Success a Priority

for English Language Learners                                                                          NSCI (Atlanta)            2001

Teachers Teaching Teachers: A Model for Staff Development                   NSDC Denver             2001

                Integrating Technology into Middle School Social Studies                         NCETC                         1999

                Integrating Technology into the Curriculum                                                   NCETC                         1997

                NAEP Assessment Process                                                                               NCCSS                         1995

                Teaching Peace                                                                                                    Close-Up                     1994

                Federal Reserve Operations                                                                               NCCSS                         1993

                China Today                                                                                                         NCCSS                         1992