Mar 27, 01


TOPIC : _9_- Design II ( AE Fee)




    1. Review homework

q Design fee and time estimates

q Schematic design review

    1. Describe the AE selection process for public and private work.
    2. Perform a designer selection rating.
    3. Describe six methods of establishing a price for design work.
    4. Define the contract limits of designer liability for design.
    5. Describe the CSI format for specifications and plans.
    6. Be able to write a typical CSI format specification section.


    1. The Art and Science of Pricing, D.A. Stone, 1999.
    2. Facilities Management: A Manual for Plant Administration Part IV Facilities Planning, Design, Construction and Administration, ed. By W.D. Middleton,1997.
    3. The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice Vol I-IV, ed by D. Haviland, 1994.


  1. TEXTS:
    1. How to Estimate with Means Data & Costworks, S.A. Murbarak, 1999.




    1. Designer Selection Rating S 9-1
    2. Designer Fee Rates S 9-2.
    3. Design Task List S 9-3
    4. CSI Specifications S 9-4




  1. HOMEWORK: DUE Monday April 2 by 10 AM.  Bring your own copy to class as well.


    1.  Using Supplement S 9-1 and your class notes, complete the designer rating form and write a recommendation letter.  Put them in Project Book format.
    2. Using Supplement S 9-2 create hourly fee price rates for a designer.
    3. Using Supplement 9-3  Design Task Time, class notes on estimated hours for each task, and cost rate for designer from S 9-2 fill out the estimated design fee for Health Center.  Put in Project Book format.
    4. Using Supplement S 9-4 write a specification in CSI style.  Put it in Project Book format.