Mar 20, 01


TOPIC : _8_- Design II ( Design Process)




    1. Review homework code check.
    2. Describe the three phases of design in terms of plans, specifications, estimates, and management concerns.
    3. Write a statement of work for a design contract.
    4. Locate published sources of designers, and sites where owners can post potential projects.
    5. Create a planning level project schedule for design and construction based standard curves.
    6. Establish a design fee estimate.
    7. Define reimbursable design costs.


    1. Project Budgets for Buildings, D.E. Parker & A. Dell’Isola, 1991.
    2. Facilities Management: A Manual for Plant Administration Part IV Facilities Planning, Design, Construction and Administration, ed. By W.D. Middleton,1997.
    3. Facilities Maintenance Management, G. H. Magee, 1988.
    4. The Art and Science of Pricing, D.A. Stone, 1999.
    5. Architectural Programming and Predesign Manager, R.G. Hershberger, 1999 ( CD ).


  1. TEXTS:
    1. How to Estimate with Means Data & Costworks, S.A. Murbarak, 1999.




    1. Notes for Phases of Design.  S 8-1.
    2. Design Contract  Statement of Work. S 8-2.
    3. Time Curves S 8-3.
    4. Design Fee Cost Analysis S 8-4.
    5. Sources of projects and design services. S 8-5.
    6. Schematic Design Health Center S 8-6
    7. Health Center first floor plan S 8-7
    8. Health Center second floor plan S 8-8
    9. Health Center elevation S 8-9
    10. Project Book Table of Contents S 8-10.


  2. HOMEWORK: DUE MAR 26 by 10 AM.  Bring your own copy to class as well.


    1.  Using Supplement S 8-1 add your class notes to the outline to fill in the details.  Put it in Project Book format.
    2. Using Supplement S 8-2 write a statement of work for the Health Center design contract.  Put it in Project Book format.
    3. Using Supplement S 8-3 make estimates of the project time for design and construction for the Health Center.  Put it in Project Book format.
    4. Using Supplement S 8-4 make a design fee estimate for the Health Center.  Put it in Project Book format.
    5. Using Supplement S 8-5 find design firms and published owner projects.
    6. Using Supplement S 8-6 complete the schematic review of Health Center.
    7. Check your Project Book contents to be sure you have every item listed in Supplement S 8-10.