Feb 6, 01


TOPIC : ____5 Planning IV ( Project Budgets)




    1. Home work review:

q Health Center Program Matrix

q Space Performance Data Sheet Health Center

q Facility cost estimates.

q Facility cost options

    1. Write a narrative project scope summary.
    2. Make a Project Budget Summary sheet.
    3. Identify the modular elements in the program requirements, which will  dictate the configuration of the building floor plan, and then develop appropriate net square foot dimensions for these modules.
    4. Create room layout diagrams for three levels of planning. ( Master Plan, Schematic Relationships, and Room Layouts ).


    1. Architectural Programming and Predesign Manager, R.G. Hershberger, 1999 ( CD ).
    2. Project Budgets for Buildings, D.E. Parker & A. Dell’Isola, 1991.
    3. Facilities Management: A Manual for Plant Administration Part IV Facilities Planning, Design, Construction and Administration, ed. By W.D. Middleton,1997.


  1. TEXTS:
    1. How to Estimate with Means Data & Costworks, S.A. Murbarak, 1999.


    1. www.admin.ufl.edu/division/cp



    1. Project Budget Summary Sheet S 5-1.
    2. Health Center layouts S 5-2.
    3. Modular Elements S 5-3
    4. Convert Net SF to Approximate Budgets S 5-4
    5. Project Narrative Summary S 5-5





  1. HOMEWORK:  Due Feb 12 at 10 am.  Also bring a copy to class.


    1. Using Supplement 5-2 make two levels of layout diagrams for the Health Center from Supplement 4-2 as based on the work done in class.  Put it in project book format.
    2. Based on the work done in class, identify the two modular elements for the Health Center and make a room dimension sketch roughly to scale with dimensions shown. See Supplement 5-3 for details.  Put in project book format.
    3. Make a Project Budget Summary Sheet in an Excel spread sheet format using the information contained in Supplement 5-1.  Put it in project book format.
    4. Create an Approximate Project Budget using Supplement S 5-4.  Put it in project book format.
    5. Write a project scope narrative summary for the Health Center based on Supplement 4-2 and 4-1.  See Supplement 5-5 for details.  Put it in project book format.
    6. Copy Supplement 3-1 ( House Space Analysis ) and put it in project book format.
    7. Make a revised version of your Project Book Table of Contents including the assignments from this class.