Jan 16, 01


TOPIC : ___2- Planning I__________-


    1. Review homework assignments: Guiding Principles, Resumes, Mission, PMI download, reading.
    2. Improve listening skills and practice giving clear concise directions.
    3. Perform a self analysis of management traits and evaluate the impact on project teams.
    4. Define the differences between master planning and project planning.
    5. Perform a facility needs assessment by evaluating assets, deficits, sites, and renovations.
    6. Identify sources of information related to master planning.
    7. Identify sources of funding for various projects. ( commercial, military, educational, local government).
    1. The Facilities Manager’s Reference, H.H. Kaiser, 1989.
    2. Facilities Planning, Design, Construction , and Administration, W. Middleton ed. APPA Part IV,1997.
  1. TEXTS:
    1. How to Estimate with Means Data & Cost Works. R.S.Means Inc, 1999.
    1. NCAT video of our classes on line.  www.video.ncat.edu ( go to classes and select AREN 753)
    2. Master plans on line:

q www.masterplan.ufl.edu ( select 1994 version of plan) ,

q www.elon.edu ( select New Century from  home page then Facility Master Plan)

    1. Site analysis data  www.esri.com
    2. Aerial photos www.terraserver.com
    1. Guiding Principles  (S 1.4)
    2. Construction Manager Responsibilities  ( S 2.1)
    3. Behavior style Questions (S 2.2)
    4. ARCDATA Online Site Map (S 2.3)
    5. Needs assessment. (S2.4)
  1. HOMEWORK:  All due via email nlt Jan 22 at 10am.
    1. Fill out behavior style traits self analysis Supplement 2.3 and indicate total points for P__,C__,R__,E__.  ( plot results at home, bring chart to next class).
    2. List three future projects in the Elon master plan.
    3. List the Elements covered in a 1994 version University of Florida (ufl) master plan. ( urban design, land use etc…)
    4. Find one other master plan and note the WEB site reference.
    5. Perform a needs assessment for the project in Supplement 2.5 above.
    6. Find a news article related to project planning and bring it to next class.