April 17, 2001



Topic 12  PROJECT MANAGEMENT  I  ( Pre-Construction)




    1. Review homework

q Construction contract document precedence

q Addendum for construction contract

q Construction bid evaluation

    1. Be aware of the duties of a construction project manager.
    2. Create a Pre-Construction meeting agenda from contract documents.
    3. Create a quality control check list for construction projects.
    4. Find reference material for submittal reviews.
    5. Review Project Book contents and grading standards.
    6. Be able to pass the Design Quiz #2 .


    1. Construction Contracting for Owners, A. Phillips & G. Reid, 2001
    2. Construction Law in Contractor’s Language, M. Stokes,1990.
    3. Facilities Management: A Manual for Plant Administration Part IV Facilities Planning, Design, Construction and Administration, ed. By W.D. Middleton,1997.
    4. The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice Vol I-IV, ed by D. Haviland, 1994.
  2. TEXTS:
    1. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge ( PMI), By William Duncan 1996.




    1. www.4spec.com
    2. www.ces.clemson.edu/cica



    1. Project Manager Duties S 12-1
    2. Preconstruction Agenda S 12-2
    3. Quality Control S 12-3
    4. Project Book Grading Standards S 12-4
    5. Project Book Table of Contents through Class 12.  S 12-5
    6. Design Quiz S 12-6




  1. HOMEWORK: DUE Monday April 23 by 10 AM.  Bring your own copy to class as well.


    1. Put Supplement S 12-1 in Project Book format.
    2. Using Supplement S 12-2 make a Pre-Construction Agenda.  Put it in Project Book format.
    3. Using Supplement S 12-3 make a Quality Control Check list.  Put it in Project Book format.
    4. Read Chapter 6 in PMI text.  
    5. Review Supplement S 12-4 for grading standards for Project Book.
    6. Confirm that your Project Book matches Supplement S 12-5 for Table of Contents through Class 12. 
    7. Complete Design Quiz #2. Supplement S 12-6.
    8. Using web site for CES.Clemson.  ( PM TOOLKIT tab) print out a copy of the following documents:  DO NOT SUBMIT THESE, JUST BRING TO NEXT CLASS.

q “Project File System .doc” IM2 from the Information Management section.

q “Field Change Authorization” CM2 from Cost/Schedule management section.

q “Change Order Log” CM3 from Cost/Schedule management section.

q “Gantt Chart by M/S Project Garage” CS10 from Cost/Schedule management section.