Apr 10, 01


TOPIC : _11_- Design V ( Contract Award)




    1. Review homework

q Design negotiation

q Detailed time schedule from planning through final work completion.

    1. Perform constructability review of project plans.
    2. Create submittal log for construction phase.
    3. Be familiar with the contents of General Conditions and Supplementary Conditions.
    4. Describe the elements of the contract document.
    5. Create an addendum for bidding.
    6. Perform and construction bid analysis


    1. Construction Law in Contractor’s Language, M. Stokes,1990.
    2. Facilities Management: A Manual for Plant Administration Part IV Facilities Planning, Design, Construction and Administration, ed. By W.D. Middleton,1997.
    3. The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice Vol I-IV, ed by D. Haviland, 1994.


  1. TEXTS:




    1. Contract Documents S 11-1
    2. Addendum S 11-2
    3. Bid Evaluation S 11-3




  1. HOMEWORK: DUE Monday April 16 by 10 AM.  Bring your own copy to class as well.


    1. Using Supplement S 10-3 complete the constructability review of the Health Center.  Put in Project Book format.
    2. Using Supplement S 10-4 create a submittal log for the Health Center and put it in Project Book format.
    3. Using S 11-1 complete the contract document structure.  Put them in Project Book format.
    4. Using S 11-2 create an addendum for the Health Center.  Put it in Project Book format.
    5. Using S 11-3 make a bid evaluation and write a letter of recommendation.  Put it in Project Book format.