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I was fortunate to be the mentor for the Periclean Scholars Class of 2009.  This program, designed to promote civic engagement and service, is a three year one, giving a group of students the opportunity to design and enact their own civic/service project. 

The Class of 2009 created many projects over their three years of work at Elon.  Their defining project was to work through Habitat for Humanity-Zambia to build houses and help our brothers and sisters in Zambia.  In January, 2009, twelve team members spent three weeks in Zambia building houses and experiencing life in the Copperbelt Province in northern Zambia, in Kawama, just outside of Ndola.


You can learn more about the Class of 2009 by going to http://org.elon.edu/pericleanscholars2009//, the website for the Class of 2009.  If you are interested in pictures from that January experience, ask me through Facebook.  All our pictures are there.  Or you can read about our May 2008 experience, and see a few pictures, at http://idd.elon.edu/blogs/ZambiaElon/.