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GST 110:  The Global Experience
This required first-year course challenges me and my students to see the world differently, to recognize the many perspectives that exist beyond our own.  Both to prepare students for study abroad and lifelong global citizenship, the course examines how we make meaning in our world and how we can work to improve the world.  Lots of reading, writing, and arguing.  A great course.

GST 424:  Subcultures
This interdisciplinary seminar for students in their third and fourth year asks students to examine how we interpret the signs and symbols that constitute our world, and how we classify people and actions based upon our interpretations.  Specifically, we look at spectacular subcultures in order to understand why people wish to be perceived as “different” and how they come to create their own subcultures.  We use music as our entry point, punk and reggae, to start, since we already have a set of musical labels people draw upon to classify difference.  Ultimately, we examine our own identities and the many signs and symbols that constitute it as we explore identity creation and formation.