Electronic Prelaw Advising

Students should realize that the sites listed below can serve only as a starting place. It is important for you to schedule a meeting with the prelaw advisor on your campus.

  1. Timeline
  2. Academic Preparation
  3. LSAT Preparation
  4. Sample LSAT
  5. Law Services
  6. Application components
  7. Choosing a law school
  8. Contacting law schools
  9. Minority Law Students
  10. Financial Aid (thanks to Melanie Nutt--Wake Forest School of Law)

If I only hade two sites from which to start --

  1. Univ. of Richmond Prelaw Guidebook A comprehensive step-by-step guide to prelaw advice.
  2. LSU Prelaw Page Links to just about anything a prelaw student could want.

If I had a few others --


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