A L E X A N D E R    Y A P,  Ph.D.

(Vita – Brief Summary)

Education and Awards

Ph.D. Management Information System, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, 1999 (Research Recognition: International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) Best Paper Award, Helsinki, Finland 1998; CBS Ph.D. Scholarship) AACSB accredited

MBA International Management, Exeter University, England, United Kingdom, 1994 (Graduated with Distinction and Top of the Class, British Council Scholarship)

Masters in Development Economics, Williams College, Massachusetts, USA, 1989 (Graduated with Best Masteral Thesis – the Jack Larned Prize; USAID Scholarship)

Bachelor of Arts in Economics, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Metro Manila, Philippines1984 (Dean’s Medalist Honor and College Scholar)

Recent Profession and Teaching

Associate Professor (with Tenure) – 2002 to Present

Dept. of Management, Marth and Spencer Love School of Business,

Elon University, Elon, North Carolina

Highlights:  Responsible for qualifying the university to be a prestigious member of the SAP University Alliance.  I am currently the University Coordinator for SAP.  I teach SAP enterprise systems, SAP simulation games for supply chain management and logistics, and SAP Business Analytics (Business Objects, Dashboard, Hana). For big data analytics, I also teach the Teradata systems for data warehousing and mining analytics using Sam’s Club data.  


Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track) 1999 – 2002 

Department of Information Systems, School of Business

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), Richmond, Virginia

Highlights:  Responsible for setting up the successful E-commerce and Web Development program using Cold Fusion, Oracle database and web developer, and Flash animation for Masters of Science and undergraduate students interested in multi-tier web architecture. 

IT Project Consultant Leader, Invensys Corporation, 2001 – 2002

While teaching at VCU, I also worked as the lead consultant for Invensys Corporation. 


I have published in these outlets - Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, Electronic Markets Journal, International Journal of Global Information Management, Computers in Industry, Information Systems Education Journal, International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems, and the ICIS, ECIS, INFORMS, and ACM conferences. I have been an Associate Editor for the ICIS conference. I am also in the Editorial Board of the International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications. I have published a book on Financial Information Systems, which was recognized by Elon University’s President.  





C U R R I C U L U M     V I T A E

(Long Version)


A L E X A N D E R    Y.   Y A P,   Ph.D

 Home Address: 6704 Breeze Pointe Drive, Whitsett, North Carolina 27377 USA

Emails :  ayap@triad.rr.com   ayap@elon.edu

Home Phone (336) 449-7750


EDUCATION, SCHOLARSHIP, AND ACADEMIC AWARDS                                

Doctor of Philosophy (Management Information System), Completed in 1999 Department of Informatics, Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark

(2nd Largest Business School in Europe and a prestigious Business School in Scandinavia)  

This PhD. project was realized based on a full three-year international Ph.D. scholarship (approximately US$100,000) awarded by the Copenhagen Business School.  The award was based on a highly competitive selection process where several research proposals of PhD candidates from all around the world were evaluated. 

Ph.D. Dissertation Title:   3D Technologies as Enablers of Process Reengineering in the 21st Century Organization   

International Academic Award Received as a Ph.D. Student (Academic Excellence)

The Ph.D. research was recognized as an excellent research project through an internationally-acclaimed award. The theories and findings of this dissertation, embodied in a concise conference research paper, won the ‘International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) Best Research Paper Award’ in 1998 Helsinki, Finland. More than 240 papers were submitted to this conference and only a single award was given this year. Several professors in our field make reference to the ICIS Award as the one of the most prestigious awards in Information Systems.

Abstract of the Ph.D. Dissertation

The focus of the Ph.D. dissertation was to examine the development of practical business applications enabled by a particular emerging technology cluster (3D technologies – i.e. virtual reality, 3D solid modeling). The aim was to look at how 3D visualization technologies could improve the field of knowledge management (in this case, the management of product knowledge) with the end-objective of enabling improvement or innovation in business process reengineering in the product development and marketing processes.


Masters of Business Administration (International Management), 1994

Awarded Highest Distinction – Topped the MBA Class of 1994

Center for Management Studies, Exeter University, Exeter, England (UK)

 The MBA Program was realized through a full Scholarship grant (approximately US$30,000) administered by the British Council.

 MBA Dissertation: Cutting Edge Information Technologies for Business Development (Exploring the Global Information Superhighway, Multimedia, and Virtual Reality)

This MBA Dissertation, which focused on the application of Information Technologies on business development, was what attracted the Copenhagen Business School to award me the Ph.D. scholarship on Management Information Systems (MIS).  My MBA dissertation research highly relates to the current field of Management Information Systems.

 Academic Award Received as an MBA Student (Academic Excellence)

Graduated Top of the MBA Class of 1994. According to the Program director, I was the only student in the last three consecutive academic years to have gained a Distinction from the University's Centre for Management Studies. (The Distinction was awarded based on the final exam scores in all MBA courses plus the best written MBA Dissertation in the class.)

Master of Arts (Development Economics), 1989

Awarded Highest Distinction – Awarded Best Dissertation

Center for Development Economics

(Under Harvard University's Mason Program)

Williams College, Massachusetts, United States

 The Masters in Economics Program was under a full scholarship awarded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) amounting to US$ 32,000.

M.A. Dissertation :  " Internal Migration: A Case Study of the Philippines" (An Econometric Regression Model)


 Academic Award Received as an M.A. Graduate Student (Academic Excellence)

Graduated with Williams College's Most Distinguished Award - the 'Jack Larned International Management Prize' for best-written dissertation in the M.A. Development Economics class of 1989.   This was a prestigious award given to students in recognition of top-grade research work.

(Williams College was ranked by U.S. News as the No. 1 Liberal Arts College of America when this program was taken. The M.A. Development Economics program was a sister program of Harvard University's Institute for International Development.)  

Pre-masteral Economics Program (Econometrics and Statistics), 1988

Graduated - Summa Cum Laude (Academic Excellence)

Economics Institute, University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado, United States


Bachelor of Arts in Economics, 1984

Graduated with Honors

Dean's Medalist Honor and College Scholar (Academic Excellence)

School of Economics

University of the Philippines, Metro Manila, Philippines  

(The University of the Philippines is rated as the No. 1 University in the Philippines and is the country's most internationally-accredited academic institution)

Knowledge and Usage of Software and Information Technology 

Current Software Used:

SAP Enterprise Resource Planning application for Supply Chain Management

SAP Business Analytics and SAP Dashboard Design, SAP Hana

SAP ERPSIM  (ERP Simulation Game for Managing Supply Chain and Logistics)

Teradata Data Mining Analytics and Data Warehouse (Big Data Analytics)

Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, and Visio 2013

On-Line Stock Trading (various stock trading and analytics systems)

Past Software Usage:

Cold Fusion Application – for Database Driven Web Apps (Three-Tier Web Architecture)

Adobe Dreamweaver MX (Web Design)

Oracle (Relational Database and Distributed Database systems)

SQL Programming (Structured Query Language)

Adobe Flash MX and Actionscript (Front End Design and Animation)

Microsoft SQL Server (Relational Database)

LAN Networking (Wireless Networking, Access Points, Routers, Hubs, Proxy servers)

Management of Servers in LAN Environments (IIS Web Server, SMTP Mail server, FTP server, Remote Network Access, Windows Advance Server)

Set up an Electronic Bulletin Board System (using Perl and CGI)  

3D Studio Max (3D Rendering, Animation and Texture Mapping)

Trispective Technical (3D Modeling and Animation Software)

IronCAD (3D Solid Modeling and Animation)

Poser 3D (3D Human/Animal Modeling and Animation)

Bryce 3D (3D Terraforming and Photo-Realistic Texture-Mapped Landscapes)

Amorphius (3D Organic Modeling)

Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML, 3D Interface for the Internet/Web)

AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design) 

Adobe Photshop,  Paintshop Pro (Graphic Design)

Microsoft Frontpage, Gif Animator, 3D Effects (Web Design, Web applications)

Database and ER Modeling (Oracle, Back-end applications of E-Commerce)

Internet Security and Firewall



Associate Professor (2002 – Present)  - Tenure Position

Martha and Spencer Love School of Business

Elon University

Elon, North Carolina, United States (Academic Institution)

Functions:  To teach/impart knowledge to undergraduate-level and graduate students; conduct academic research; and help develop academic curriculums dealing with topics in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, Supply Chain Management, Business Analytics (using the SAP software), Management Information Systems, E-Commerce, E-Business, and Financial Information Systems.


Biography included in Marquis Who’s Who in America 2009-2010 as an academic scholar and educator.


Journal Editorial – Member of the Review Board (appointed for 2009 – Present)

International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications (IJESMA)

IJESMA an official publication of the Information Resources Management Association (IRMA) https://www.irma-international.org

SAP Coordinator for Elon Unversity 2011 – Present) - I am responsible for coordinating with the SAP University Alliance and Elon faculty teaching SAP in their course curriculum.

Associate Editor (2003), 24th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Seattle, Washington, 2003.  I was honored to be invited to the position of Associate Editor for ICIS 2003. ICIS is the most prestigious international conference in the field of Information Systems. As Associate Editor, I was tasked to accept, reject, and edit research paper submissions. The acceptance rate to the ICIS conference is usually less than 10% (Current practice shows that more than 90% of research papers submitted are reject due to the competitiveness and prestige of the conference).   

Tenure-Track Assistant Professor (1999 – 2002) 

Department of Information Systems

School of Business

Virginia Commonwealth University

Richmond, Virginia, United States (Academic Institution)

Functions:  To teach/impart knowledge to graduate-level/MBA/PhD. students; conduct academic research; and help develop academic curriculums dealing with topics in the field of E-Commerce, E-Business, Networking, IS Strategy, and Knowledge Management.   

Teach E-Commerce (Emerging Business Models, Web Architecture and E-Commerce Applications) at the graduate and undergraduate levels.  I also occasionally teach for the Executive MBA Program.


Responsible for setting up the E-Commerce curriculum for both Graduate and Undergraduate Levels. This includes the syllabus, teaching material, laboratory set up, web architecture, and IT infrastructure.


Advice Ph.D. students on E-Commerce and E-Business topics.  I sat on the committee of 2 Ph.D. students.


Tasked by the Dean and the Inter-department E-Business committee to draft and develop the syllabus for the E-Business courses. 


Lead Systems Consultant 

Project Leader, VCU Team (2001 - 2002)

Invensys Corporation 

Functions:  Invensys is a multi-billion dollar International conglomerate with several strategic business units.  The Vice President of Technology hired me to help implement a long term initiative for systems integration. This started with a fully web-enabled electronic components database (ECD) paving the way for E-engineering and E-procurement and will move on to product data management (PDM), ERP integration, and lean manufacturing.  The project has been a success as the consulting team completed the first six phases earlier than the expected deadline.  The Invensys Vice President expressed very high satisfaction for the VCU Consulting Team as all phases were completed ahead of very tight implementation schedules.  The Chief Executive of the Controls Division approved the full implementation of the project upon seeing its initial success. Invensys has also agreed to allow me to do a series of academic research with them as a result of the project's success.

Invensys owns the Baan corporation. Invensys purchased the Baan corporation in the year 2000. (Baan ERP software competes with SAP, JD Edwards, i2, and Peoplesoft.) This project also allowed me to contribute my vision to the Baan group and how to improve its ERP application package for E-Business and E-integration.


Lecturer and  PhD. Research Fellow (1996 - 1999)

Department of Informatics

Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen, Denmark  (Academic Institution)


Functions:    Research work on business applications of information systems.  Teach classes/courses on  IS Strategy, IS Management, and BPR for Masteral and Bachelor Courses using case studies, textbook, software, and student research projects.


Business Development Consultant (1995-1996)

Eastern Entertainment Group of Companies (Private Firm)


Functions: Reorganize the process/systems of several business units and assist in the setting up of new projects. Involved in reviewing workflow processes, logistics, finance, inventory, manpower training, computerization of certain processes, and use of the world wide web and e-mail to improve business research and development.

 Deputy Director-General (1992-1993),  promotion from Director position

Director (1990-1992)

Congressional Planning and Budget Office ,  House of Representatives

Secretariat, Congress of the Philippines (Government)


Functions: Help develop, institutionalize, and manage the Congressional Planning and Budget Office (CPBO), an elite and progressive think-tank organization of the House of Representatives (similar to the US Congressional Research Service and Congressional Budget Office), through policy studies/researches, advocacies, and preparation of vital socio-economic legislations such as  trade & tariff, industry, science & technology, transportation, communications, infrastructure, monetary policy (banking policies), fiscal policy (taxation), debt management, streamlining of bureaucracy.


Committee Secretary (1998 - 1990),  promotion from Leg. Staff Officer position

Legislative Staff Officer VI (1987 - 1988),  starting position

House Committee on Economic Affairs

House of Representatives Secretariat

Congress of the Philippines (Government)


Functions:   Both positions were responsible for providing technical assistance and analytical studies for congressman members of the Committee on Economic Affairs  on legislative measures pertaining to socio-economic matters. The Committee Secretary is in-charge of the overall management and administration of the Committee Secretariat. 


Franchise Area Coordinator (1986-87)

Marketing Department

Zenco Sales, Inc.

A Marketing Arm of a Large Manufacturing Firm (Private)

Functions: Supervise and coordinate activities of franchise branches. Responsible for training, checking and improving the performance of  franchise managers in terms of their ability to manage a reasonable stock inventory level, plan and forecast using the company's ordering system, sales recording and documentation, stock and financial auditing systems, quality control, store display, marketing strategies, stockroom systems, store cleanliness and security. Responsible for setting up new franchises.


Project Consultant (1984-1986)

Information Office

Asian Development Bank (International Financial Institution)

Functions: Prepare computerized slide presentations of different client-oriented information packages for Asian Development Bank (ADB) procurement missions overseas. Information packages included various loan and technical assistance that ADB extends to both government and private institutions, ADB bidding/ contracting processes, and focus and priorities of the bank in terms of development infrastructure projects (agriculture, energy, health, nutrition, etc.).










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** Quality of Journal Publications

The Association of Information Systems (a well-known professional organization for MIS and CIS academicians) ranks the top 50 journals in IS.  The International Journal of Global Information Management was ranked no. 17 by the AIS website.   This is considered an “A” journal in top MIS schools like Georgia State University.

The two E-Commerce journals above are in top 3rd and 4th  E-Commerce Journals based on the published survey by Bharati and Tarasewich (2002) in Communications of the ACM, Volume 45, Issue 5 (May 2002).




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20)  Alexander Y. Yap,    "Revolution in the Product Development Process:   A Case Study of Navistar International",   European Conference on Information Systems,    Aix-En Provence,   France  (June 4 - 6, 1998)

Quality Measure of ECIS 98 publication - there were 330 papers submitted to this international conference and only 113 papers were accepted.  Rate of acceptance was 34% (66% rejection).


21)  Alexander Y. Yap, "Parametric Object-Oriented 3D Solid Modeling:  A New Paradigm in Intelligent Visualization", International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Modeling for Automation (CIMCA99),  Vienna, Austria  (February 17 - 19 1999).  Honorary Chair:  Lotfi Zadeh (father of ‘Fuzzy Logic Artificial Intelligence’)

 Quality Measure of CIMCA 99 publication -50% acceptance rate, 50% rejection


22)  Alexander Y. Yap, "Bulls and Bears in E-Commerce:  Exploring the Frontiers of Cyber-Trading with Wall Street",  European Conference on Information Systems,  Copenhagen,  Denmark  (June 23 - 25, 1999)  

Quality Measure of ECIS 99 Publication - 40% acceptance rate, 60% of research papers submitted to this conference were rejected




Communications of the ACM

Computers in Industry Journal

Information Systems Education Conference

International Conference on Information Systems

BLED Conference, Slovenia

International Journal of Electronic Commerce

Information Systems Journal

Strategic Journal of Information Systems

Australian Journal of Information Systems

European Conference on Information Systems

Journal of E-Commerce and Organization

International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications



(1996 - 2015)                              


Newer Courses Developed

1) Analytics for Business Strategy (Undergraduate Level)

2) Business Process and Technology Management Using SAP (Undergraduate Level)

3)  Information Systems for Stock Trading (Undergraduate Level)

4)  Management Information Systems (Undergraduate Level)


Older Courses Developed

5)  Electronic Commerce Business Models (Master of Science and MBA)

6)  Electronic Commerce Web Development (Master of Science and Undergraduate Levels)

7)  IT and Business Strategy (Executive MBA Program Course)   

8)  Emerging Technologies (MBA with Technology Concentration)

9)  E-Business Technologies (E-Business for the Undergraduate)

10)  Information Systems and Business Process Reengineering (Master of Science Course)

11)  Managing the IT Resources (Master of Science Course)  

12) The Global Experience – Social Issues around the world (Undergraduate)

















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2)      Dr. Niels Bjorn Anderson


Dept. of IT Management

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3)       Dr. Barth Strempek

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