Biology research at elon


Fact Sheet

Biology Faculty:

    15 full time


   McMichael Science Building

Biology Majors at Elon:

    approximately 220-240

Average annual number of students involved with faculty-mentored research: 30

Average annual number of students involved with internships: 40

Faculty Research Websites

Clark, Matt

Coker, Jeff

Gallucci, Kathy

Gammon, David

Haenel, Greg

House, Herb (emeritus)

Izzo, Antonio

Kingston, Mike

MacFall, Janet (ENS/BIO)

Miyamoto, Yuko

Niedziela, Linda

Terribilini, Michael

Touchette, Brant

Train, Tonya

Uno, Jennifer

Vandermast, David

Vick, Robert




    Faculty in the Biology department at Elon University are very active in scientific research. Students who are studying Biology here benefit directly from this scholarship in many ways including having access to core high tech equipment, having access to these faculty and financial resources to conduct quality undergraduate research projects, and getting trained in how to perform and communicate science research throughout their coursework.