Elon University Robotic Observatory


The Elon University Robotic Observatory is a project to offer undergraduate hands-on experience with the hardware of robotic astronomy.   Since 2002, over a dozen physics and engineering majors have been involved with this project.  For higher quality observations, students also have access to PROMPT, an array of six telescopes in Chile operated by astronomers from North Carolina.


  1. BulletThe ROBO-DOME is just one of the observatories offered by Technical Innovations.

  2. BulletThe telescope inside is a Meade LX200GPS.

  3. BulletOur primary camera is the Santa Barbara Instrument Group’s ST7-XME CCD.  We use a STV camera as a digital finderscope.

  4. BulletDuring the summer of 2008, undergraduate Matt Marcum wrote about his research on this project in his asteroid blog.